mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Democracy, Revolts and Ideology…

Every time we hear someone speaking about democracy they mention elections as a primary prerequisite. And I personally don’t understand how without a proper functioning of Institutions (that indeed make up for a society) this voting prerequisite reflects the will of people. If political parties need to be authorized by the regime it was no surprise that Mubarak’s party won every election held since 1978. Tunisia wasn’t different either. Political parties weren’t allowed but people went to polls.

People is nowadays such an abstract concept. It is a very grey democratic concept basically trapped by ideology and “pseudo-ideologists”. I love when politicians specifically speak out about the benefits of having a democracy and right after smashed that same beloved democracy with no so much democratic laws. Just to get it right, democracy does not mean the will of the majority. And it makes no sense to keep pushing this ideal. Moreover, it is an illegitimate, dangerous and perverse illusion. Every time such a thought pop out, what politicians are doing is disfranchising us from our democratic model. They are treating us more and more like children and less as adults who are able to analyze.

In this quest for ideology our politicians are now trying to sell us (successfully by the way) the idea that Middle East societies are fighting for democracy and freedom. “Young Arab populations driven by Facebook and Twitter willing to die for democracy” is the headline. Well, the sad truth is that they aren’t. They are fighting against poverty, lack of opportunities, corruption, and abuse of power by the ruling class, underdevelopment and indeed, a better welfare society.

It is bread what engines demonstrators not freedom and what they care for is a government either democratic or not that impulses their living standards. To say the contrary is to deny that bad regulation didn’t cause the financial meltdown and that States deficits all over G7 nations were caused by banks bailouts but will be paid by social cuts. Save the banks, cut the pensions, educational and social programs. That’s ideological interest and greed!

In the meantime, all left wing parties push for more unemployment benefits while indeed where all their attention and efforts should be is into promoting sustainable growth to arise our workforce. The best social policy is work. Without work tendency is clear, radical extremists gain popularity and polarized our frustrated society. Let there be light.

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