dimanche 6 février 2011

A polish bus...

A polish bus...

on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 12:08pm

Ding dong, the bell is ringing and I continue my life as usual because I’m expecting nobody. Ding dong, the bell is still ringing and I stop to think for a second that out there might be someone waiting for me to open the door. That there might be someone waiting for an opportunity to appear or an old ghost to kill. A minute later, I’m still thinking about what kind of reaction I should want to have in such a case. Time never plays our side unfortunately so by this long waiting time there should be no one still waiting outside.

It is this thought about the reaction I want to have that remembers me that I’m not the Soviet Union and it is not possible for me to “central plan” my feelings or reactions. That by some way, we’re supposed to be able to leave this hyper modernized automatic world and to join a further galaxy were time means allowance to commit.

Sometimes, that’s a way to take decisions. Not taking them at all and just waiting for them to uncover as they once show up. Unfortunately, life is not about covering and uncovering. It could include them both but it’s a mined area. Life is all about choices and responsibilities, about decisions and opportunities, it’s all about bells and doors either opening or closing just in front of our noses. And buses. Yes, buses and I’ve counted them all.

During peak hours in a normal day there can be up to 72 buses crossing my eyes before I get on bus 71 or 72 depending on how fast the driver opened and closed “the door”. And that’s only in rush hours. How is it during off peak time? Actually I don’t want to know. A line that can be traced shows that I am determined to get on and off any bus as soon as it appears. Well, not any but… (NO CENTRAL PLANNING)

This is one of these mornings where everything’s freezed because of a cold night but I see it rather fresh than dense breezed. Moreover, I approach positively to the fact that there’s no one still ringing my bell but that there might be someone waiting for me to ring the bell. This is not a hunting-hunted situation but another stop to get on the bus.

This all… This all come into being in Warsaw.

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